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We are pleased to introduce to you our first blog section on the site. Travel along with Philip Goold for a behind the scene look into professional surfing. Be it chasing swells or the next contest, Philip’s images and short stories will keep you amused and up to date on what’s really going on! For this first installment, Pip recaps his last few months for us.

-Just last week down in obx with Lusk. thats my favorite color so i painted my whole board, seems to "pop" fairly well.

Tripod trip we took down to nicaragua this summer. Some of the most fun i've had on a trip in and out of the water. L to R: Sean Benik came on as the filmer, Cody Thompson and Oliver Kurtz make up the 2 Fla. legs of the tripod and myself. It makes a trip all the more enjoyable with a good crew.

Looking upstream at a salmon hatchery on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The bears surround this spot because the river is stacked with all kinds of fish for them to munch. We could get within 6 feet of those guys.

I always see these old houses on road trips and want to stop and this time i made the executive decision to slam brakes and wake everyone up so i could go snap a photo.

"i like turtles"

North Shore, in front of backyards i believe.

Frisco Pier feeling a little tattered.

This is a feather that i found of a Pterodactyl...pretty crazy it was just sitting on the beach like this.

The city of Angels. You should fly Southwest, $50 board bag fees.

Clean lines in JAX airport.

This is my favorite photo I've ever taken.

My boy Pablo the squirrel throwing my a high 5. We found him in my friend Ricks' front yard. i brake for squirrels now.

Got to do a little spearfishing at home this summer out at the tower. Would like to do more, especially outside of the area but its tough to travel with a spear. We already have enough problems walking through the airport with a bag the size of a human coffin.

A little story behind this one. click the link

San Diego skydiving.

Rob Browns birthday this summer down in Wrightsville Beac, NC. Look at that crew. All day canoeing around those waterways and sipping more a couple beers along the way. Infatuated with that town.

Honestly didn't get that much tube time in Nicaragua this summer but sometimes it only takes one I guess. This was my one view that stuck with me.

Check out some bonus footage HERE and HERE!

For more on Philip
Goold, one of the crusiest laid-back guys we know, check out his website. Stoked to have you on board Pip!

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