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New Webisode! 48 Hours……..

Well, Webisode #4 : 48hours is live! Its been a long time coming but this one is definitely worth the wait. It’s a bit different but we wanted to highlight the subtleties that are often overlooked in surf videos. Not only the empty waves shared with best friends but the time and effort put into the journey and the landscapes that serve as our playground. We’ve really poured our heart and soul into this one and we hope you enjoy it!

Spend 48 hours with the WildLyfe crew as we chase a no name winter swell to the north.
Day 1: Stormy Ocean City. Surfers(in order of appearance)-Adrian Colaprete. Tyler Balak. Raven Lundy
Day 2: A beach just north. Surfers(in order of appearance)-Adrian Colaprete. Raven Lundy.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 Travel 70 Comments

Clark Lineups

WildLyfe fan Spencer Clark sent us some pretty sick Buxton photos. We cant wait for it to look like this again!

Saturday, April 9th, 2011 Travel 64 Comments