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2 hours with Rob Kelly

If you know Rob, you know he’s the ultimate groveler. He catches more waves in 30 minutes than most people do all session. He’s a hell of a nice guy too. This is footage from a 2 hour paddle session with Rob at his home break in New Jersey. September 17,2012.

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Home away from home.

Spend the day surfing with Drew Meredith in Indo as he gets insane stand up tubes, one after another.

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Leslie didn’t live up to her hype but she definitely had her moments of epicness. Luckily we were on it. Follow the crew as we score in Hatteras and virginia.
Raven Lundy
Noah Snyder
Todd Elder
Nat Parker
Bryce Humphrey
Tyler Balak

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Raven’s Vacation.

Surfing can do a number on your back especially when you’re pulling into bomb closeouts and attempting massive airs on the regular. One way Raven stays on point is to see his chiropracter, Dr. Jon Parmiter. Well, we gave his 11 year old son a bunch of footage to play around with and this is what he came up with. We’re super pumped on his work and we think you will be too.


Health isn’t how you feel, its how you function. If you want to see what Dr. Jon can do for you, check out his website at

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