It wasn't a film trip , but we switched off a few times and came away with a couple clips. Sorry for the shaky footy! Enjoy!
*Bryce Humphrey
*Barry Price

edited by : Bryce

Spend the morning with the Wild Lyfe. Bryce, Colin, Raven, and Noah take you along for an early morning summer day.

Hang out with the wild lyfe crew for some flat day fun. Bryce Raven Noah and Colin gas up the ski’s this time for some back bay rail action!

It was pretty slow compared to sunday (caught the boats limit in 2 hours) but as the saying goes, “You cant catch yesterdays fish”. We were still able to bring in 11 fish though with one being a citation and all things considered it was a great day on the water.

Sit shotgun for a full day of duckhunting with the boys!

Chasing Katia with the boys.

Weekend at Bucks : The April 17th swell.

Spend 48 hours with the WildLyfe crew as we chase a no name winter swell to the north.
Day 1: Stormy Ocean City. Surfers(in order of appearance)-Adrian Colaprete. Tyler Balak. Raven Lundy
Day 2: A beach just north. Surfers(in order of appearance)-Adrian Colaprete. Raven Lundy.

Noah Snyder’s Chapter 3 : We gave Noah a bunch of clips for his latest installment of “Chapters”. He did a killer job with the edit. We’re stoked to work with him on this series.

Webisode #3 : Earl Revisited. A look back to Hurricane Earl somewhere in Delmarva. Colin Herlihy opens his doors and gives us some insight into quite possibly the heaviest wave on the east coast.

SKUNKED! January 18th, 2011. After what felt like a lifetime we finally got a forecast with some promise so we headed south early and posted up watching the ocean,waiting for the wind to switch. There was plenty of potential with well overhead sets detonating on the sandbar. All we needed was the North wind to shift offshore as forecasting and we would of absolutely scored. Unfortunately it never came together and all we got was a couple minutes of B roll.

WEBISODE #2 : HOME! Virginia has much more to offer than ECSC, bars and the first street jetty. Beauty is all around us. All we have to do is seek it.

WEBISODE #1 : NEW JERSEY! Join us as we lock in to one of 2010s’ best swells.

SHARK! We all know they’re out there but as long as we don’t think about them they don’t exist right? Here’s a fond little memory to plague your thoughts on your next paddle.