Spend the day with Colin "Buck" Herlihy and Raven Lundy and friends as they score an epic session the day after Thanksgiving in DelMarVa.

Filmed By:
Eddie Compo
Dan Herlihy
Raven Lundy
Colin Herlihy

Edited By: Eddie Compo

Leslie didn't live up to her hype but she definitely had her moments of epicness. Luckily we were on it. Follow the crew as we score in Hatteras and Virginia.
Raven Lundy
Noah Snyder
Todd Elder
Nat Parker
Bryce Humphrey
Tyler Balak

Edited By: Eddie Compo

Filmed By: Eddie Compo, Noah Snyder, Bryce Humphrey, Tyler Balak, Jake Barbini, and Raven Lundy

The boys head south for a two day love affair with the banks.
Surfers :
Bryce Humphrey
Raven Lundy
Mark Barney
Sebastian Moreno
Shawn Mcgovern
Tyler Balak

If you know Rob, you know he's the ultimate groveler. He catches more waves in 30 minutes than most people do all session. He's a hell of a nice guy too. This is footage from a 2 hour paddle session with Rob at his home break in New Jersey. September 17,2012.

Footage from the latest (and only) solid spring swell of 2012.
Location : DELMARVA
Date: 4/23/2012
Riders: Todd Elder, Colin Herlihy, Raven Lundy

Big thanks to all the local boys for the continued hospitality and support!

(PLEASE WATCH IN HD)Besides the few good swells we got in Va & OBX at the beginning of summer, it has been a pretty slow July & August….. good thing we filmed almost every session of Bryce while the getting was good!!!!! Check out his Summer edit above …….. hope you enjoy!!!!

Since early Spring, Tyler has been hitting the gym hard, pushing the pedal to the metal in his new Porsche, and stacking up clips from every swell we've had so far!! So sit back and enjoy!!!!

Ride Along With Drew and Raven As they score an empty day of fun tubes on the Banks

The most barreled surfer on the east coast?

Adrian Colaprete DVD part from The Wild Lyfe Mix Tape DVD

Artist: Colt Ford
Song: Huntin the World

the professor

Slower lower delaware OG Colin herlihy! The buck!

Raven Lundy Sam Hammer and friends score cold but pumping NJ

dec 13th 2010

Spend a weekend with TheWildLyfe during one of the best swells to hit the east coast in a long time.

Sunday April 17, 2011
Photo : Nick Denny

Had a fun trip with the boys chasing Katia. Didn't find the waves we were looking for but had fun none the less.

Another fun trip with the boys! Even when we get skunked, we score!