A collection of our favorite moments set to the debut track release of "Jeremiah" by Bennett Wales & The Relief.

Song : Jeremiah
Artist : The Relief

Surfing : Raven Lundy @ravenlundy
Colin Herlihy @thebackwoodscrew
Lucas Rogers @lucasrogerspbh

Filmed & Edited by Eddie Compo @betweentheswampandthesea

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Sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery and incredible behavioral footage as we relive some of our favorite moments from a Virginia turkey season.

Starring : The Leffel brothers
Tucker Terry
Alexis Orrel
Greg Orrel

Edited by : Eddie Compo
Raven Lundy

Filmed By : Raven Lundy
Greg Orrel
Eddie Compo

Music : The Bootleggers
Nick Cave
Warren Ellis

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Dave Emmons is a 21 year old kid from New Jersey with a love for the outdoors. He’s a talented writer but more recently has been escaping into the woods with a camera and coming up with gold. With a knack for capturing the beauty in seemingly mundane landscapes, his images evoke those feelings that only find you when you’re alone in the outdoors.

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In 2008, We created "The WildLyfe" so we could have a place of our own to share our story. Our roots are based in Surfing but As time went on we realized the only way to truly tell our story was to incorporate more of who we really are. We are still surfers, but we are also fishermen, explorers, hunters, photographers, film makers, and blue collar workers blessed enough to be able to experience lifes adventures with our best friends. "Lyfe on the Wild Side" is a culmination of everything we've built over the last five years, an honest glimpse into our lives. Brace yourselves.

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We’re honored to share a small slice of home with the world through the pages of The Surfer’s Journal. Even more stoked to get WildLyfe OG’s Tyler Balak and Adrian Colaprete some well deserved print. Images by our Co-founder Eddie Compo.


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A self edited remix of 2013/14 by the man himself, Raven Lundy. Enjoy!

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Ride along while Thomas Leffel bags his first bird during Virginia's spring turkey youth day hunt 2014.

Spring is finally among us here in Virginia. The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding and the weather is fabulous. A perfect time to get out side with your friends and family and enjoy the outdoors.

Featuring: Thomas Leffel, Noah Leffel, and Tucker Terry
Filmed and Edited: Raven Lundy

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